Install bootloader on the ATTiny85

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Install bootloader on the ATTiny85
This is a short 5 step tutorial on how to install the bootloader on an ATTiny85 DIP.

When you buy an Atmel microcontroller on Opencircuit .nl, chances are they will be delivered without it
boot loader installed. Be prepared for this and have an Arduino UNO R3 with you, because without
it's not going to work.

The problem you get without a bootloader is an error message from Windows and not being able to
upload scripts to the ATTiny85.
Current Page 1. Introduction 1. Introduction 2. Contents 3. Step 1. Programs and Drivers 4. Step 2. Configure Arduino 5. Step 3. Install ArduinoISP 6. Step 4. Breadboard cabling 7. Step 5. Flash the bootloader on the ATTiny85 8. Common problems Posted by Website


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