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My name is Davey Raaijmakers. For one of my projects I was looking for temperature sensors. I was wondering which one to choose since they come in all shapes and sizes. To determine this, I have partnered with Opencircuit . They sent me some sensors to test and in this video I reveal my findings. I explain how different temperature sensors work, including seven specific sensors, divided into two broad categories: analog and digital sensors.

Analog temperature sensors

Among the analog sensors are the thermistor, the TMP36 and the LM35DZ. The thermistor is easy to use and is often used in projects that require temperature monitoring. However, the accuracy may be a limitation and it may need calibration. The TMP36 and the LM35DZ are also analog, with their own specifications for minimum and maximum temperatures.

Digital temperature sensors

On the digital side we have the AM2320, the DHT sensors (DHT11 and DHT22) and the DS18B20. The AM2320 can measure both temperature and humidity, which can be very useful for calculating the wind chill. The DHT sensors are popular for DIY projects and can also calculate wind chill. The DS18B20, while appearing to be an analog sensor, is in fact digital.

Additional features

The BME280 is a digital sensor that measures not only temperature, but also humidity and atmospheric pressure, making it ideal for weather stations and environmental monitoring. The MCP9808 offers very high precision in measuring temperature with a simple digital interface, making it suitable for more complex applications. The MPL115A2 is unique in that it can measure both temperature and barometric pressure.

The video

In the video I not only cover the difference between the sensors, but also the use, connection and reliability of each sensor. In addition, I indicate in which specific projects or situations each sensor can be useful. So if you're looking for a sensor but haven't decided which one to choose, Opencircuit and I are happy to help you.

Are there still ambiguities? You can take a closer look at everything in this video.

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