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Years ago I built RF devices to measure temperatures and switch lights on and off. I have one book written about. Only I have always found it disturbing that you don't get any feedback from the RF switches about their status. Even then I thought it could be better and when the small ESP8266 processor boards came on the market with built-in WiFi hardware, it was possible!

Unfortunately, SONOFF beat me to it with their WiFi switches. A disadvantage of the SONOFF switches, however, is that the supplied firmware is not very good. To make them usable, you have to set up other firmware that is often integrated with a Domotica system that runs on a Raspberry Pi for example. Another drawback of the SONOFF switches is… well, they are switches (Switch OnOff). So there is room for improvement!

Therefore, I present to you: DONOFF (Dever OnOff)!

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Current Page 1. Introduction 1. Introduction 2. Project Objectives 3. The Electronics 4. Mains AC to DC 5. MOSFET control circuit 6. optocoupler circuit 7. ESP8266 Microprocessor 8. 3v3 DC power supply 9. The firmware 10. Upload Firmware 11. First time startup 12. telnet server 13. build DONOFF Posted by Website Willem Aandewiel (1955) has a background in electronics and digital techniques. However, most of his working life he has worked in automation where he has worked in just about all disciplines from programmer to project leader and project manager. Willem was one of the first Dutchmen with a micro-computer (KIM-1, 1976) at a time when the PC had yet to be invented. Nowadays he is mainly concerned with the design and production of small electronic circuits with microprocessors. His 'mission in life' is to make people enthusiastic about making their own electronic circuits, microcomputers and programming.


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