Jaren geleden heb ik RF devices gebouwd om temperaturen te meten en lampen aan en uit te schakelen. Ik heb er een boek over geschreven. Alleen heb ik het altijd storend gevonden dat je geen feedback van de RF schakelaars krijgt over hun status. Ik dacht toen al dat het beter moet kunnen en toen de kleine ESP8266 processor-bordjes op de markt kwamen met ingebouwde WiFi hardware kón dat ook! 

Helaas was SONOFF mij voor met hun WiFi schakelaars. Een nadeel van de SONOFF schakelaars is echter dat de meegeleverde firmware niet al te best is. Om ze bruikbaar te maken moet je er andere firmware opzetten die vaak geïntegreerd is met een Domotica systeem dat op bijvoorbeeld een Raspberry Pi draait. Een ander nadeel van de SONOFF schakelaars is .. nou ja, het zijn schakelaars (Switch On Off). Er is dus ruimte voor verbetering!

Daarom presenteer ik u: DONOFF (Dimmer On Off)!

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The NetherlandsMartijn
@willem, What a beautiful set. However, I do encounter a problem in the Dutch and English description. R1 is in the English description but not in the Dutch. The package I received contains 7 resistors. R1, R3 and R6 are metal 220 ohms. However, there are only two in the package. There is one other in the package. See picture. Where should this one replace which one?
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Nice module, very easy to use and quick support in case of problems!
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Very nice site Willem! I personally find the Donoff dimmer very beautiful and interesting!
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The NetherlandsSjoerd Kreyns
Nice module! Is there a way to control it with an http request? and to get him to Domoticz.
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The NetherlandsRoelof
I have installed 2 Wemos D1 minis with version 0.3.6, 1 as a master and 1 as a slave but it is not added to the master. I did remove the dummies in Arduino but I cannot find where the slave to master coupling takes place.
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Willem Aandewiel
@Roelof, The connection takes place completely automatically. If the master is active and you switch on a slave, then it broadcasts its data, which is then received by the master, after which it creates a slider / switch for it. It is, however, necessary that mDNS "works" on the network and that you change the "newDonoff" name of each device to something else. You did not have to remove the Dummies because they will disappear after a while. It gives an indication that everything "works". Good luck!
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*** It is necessary that mDNS on the network "works" **** This explains eea I have my mobile temporarily as a hotspot / router in between that has no mDNS. Will test on the WiFi network at home this evening. Thanks for your quick response.
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