PicoBuck LED Driver

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PicoBuck LED Driver

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The PicoBuck LED Driver is a cost-effective, user-friendly driver that empowers you to manage and blend three distinct LEDs across three separate channels. By default, each channel operates at 330mA, but this can be adjusted by introducing an analog voltage or a PWM signal. The latest version of this product, Version 12, includes a solderable jumper that can be shut to double the maximum current to 660mA. The voltage regulator has also been upgraded, enhancing the voltage rating on various components on the board, and enabling it to be used up to the full 36V rating of the AL8860 part.

The PicoBuck LED Driver offers three signal inputs for dimming control. You can utilize the PWM signal from an Arduino or your preferred microcontroller to dim each channel individually, or link them all to the same PWM for synchronized dimming. Dimming can be achieved through an analog voltage (20%-100% of max current by varying voltage from .5V-2.5V) or by PWM (provided the PWM minimum voltage is less than .4V and maximum voltage is more than 2.4V) for a full 0-100% range. A small jumper is available for each channel to enable you to boost the drive strength from 330mA to 660mA. The board is equipped with two mounting holes for 4-40 or M3 screws on both sides. These holes are perforated, allowing them to be easily snapped off with pliers if a smaller footprint is required.

Please note, if you plan to use screw terminals, this board requires two different sizes. Make sure to check related products for the sizes you will need. The PicoBuck LED Driver was developed in partnership with Ethan Zonca, and a percentage of each sale is returned to him.

For additional information and resources, refer to the provided documents and links. These include the schematic, Eagle files, a hookup guide, a comprehensive guide about LEDs, the AL8860 datasheet, the Protofusion page, and the GitHub page.


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