Crystal 32kHz

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Crystal 32kHz


The Sparkfun Crystal 32kHz is a standard 'Watch' or Real-Time-Clock crystal that is designed to provide precise timekeeping. It operates at a frequency of 32.768kHz, making it an ideal fit for a 16-bit counter. The starting count is at 0x8000 (or 32768), and when the counter rolls over from 65535 to 0, it indicates that exactly one second has passed. This allows for a reset of the interrupt, counter, and a fresh start to counting, ensuring accurate and consistent timekeeping. The crystal is rated at 12.5pF load capacitance, 35K ohm maximum (18K ohm typical) series resistance, and +/- 20ppm stability. It comes in a small cylinder package.

The Sparkfun Crystal 32kHz can be used in various applications that require accurate timekeeping. It is especially suitable for real-time clock applications, where maintaining the correct time is critical. It can also be used in various electronic devices such as digital watches, clocks, and computer motherboards to provide a stable clock signal for integrated circuits and to stabilize frequencies for radio transmitters and receivers.

The Sparkfun Crystal 32kHz offers several benefits. Its high stability ensures that your device maintains accurate time, even in the face of temperature fluctuations and aging. The small cylinder package makes it easy to integrate into your electronic projects. The high load capacitance and series resistance make it a robust and reliable choice for your timekeeping needs. Furthermore, its precise frequency of 32.768kHz allows it to perfectly match a 16-bit counter, ensuring accurate and consistent timekeeping.

Unique properties of the Sparkfun Crystal 32kHz include its precise frequency, high stability, and small cylinder package. The precise frequency of 32.768kHz is exactly half of a 16-bit counter, providing an exact match for accurate timekeeping. Its high stability of +/- 20ppm ensures that the timekeeping remains accurate, even under temperature fluctuations and aging. The small cylinder package makes it convenient to use in various electronic projects, providing a reliable and robust solution for your timekeeping needs.


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