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The Netherlands Ordering process simple, no account required. Fast next day delivery. Maybe next time put some filling material in the box so that the fragile electronic component cannot slide up and down in the box. Placed on
The Netherlands
Clear website Fast shipping
Shipped well and quickly Placed on
The Netherlands Fast delivery and safe Placed on
The Netherlands
Perfect No negatives
Delivered as agreed and that doesn't happen often anymore Placed on
The Netherlands Good fast delivery Placed on
The Netherlands
Good prices Fast and good
Clear website, correct delivery Placed on
The Netherlands
Fast delivery No, no negatives.
Good and fast delivery, definitely recommended Placed on
The Netherlands
Neatly packaged
Delivered quickly as agreed Placed on
No negatives, keep it up!
My first experience went well. It seems obvious to me to still order here if necessary. Placed on
Very friendly and personable
Quick in responses Placed on
The Netherlands Everything arrived quickly as usual. However, I (personally) think it is a shame that there is a limited choice in components (elcos/transistors and other things). I now have to order a lot via a webshop in Germany. Photo diode for example, new in the range but not available. So Germany. Otherwise a good thing. Placed on
Neatly packaged antistatically Good prices
To Germany takes a little longer Placed on
The Netherlands Took a little longer because it was out of stock. delivered yesterday. Placed on
Fast delivery Packing Low prices on the materials High shipping cost on small orders
Too bad about the higher delivery costs Placed on
The Netherlands Delivered quickly and good quality, only the packaging for a small bottle could be a lot smaller Placed on
The Netherlands Excellent service, delivered quickly and good information on the site Placed on
The Netherlands I expected to receive my order the next day, but it didn't arrive until the 2nd day. It could have been sent in an envelope. Order was neatly packaged and product was absolutely fine. Placed on
The Netherlands
Great shopping experience! Fast delivery Packaging not great
Fast delivery. The box was almost open, but the product was still inside. The product itself seems to have an incorrect LED lamp. This made it difficult to troubleshoot. Placed on
The Netherlands
Great shopping experience! Fast delivery Low shipping costs No, no negatives.
Customer service reasonably smooth (smooth enough) and next day on the mat. I don't need more from a webshop. (I can't judge the quality of the articles). Placed on
The Netherlands
Fast delivery Perfect Very extensive range
Good service. Placed on
The Netherlands
Neatly packaged
Fast service and good products Placed on
The Netherlands Easy ordering and fast delivery - nothing wrong with that! In a sense, that also applies to the (exaggerated? - see below) packaging. I think the prices for the products are reasonable, including the fast delivery! Why not five but four stars? Well, if you work or tinker with electronic components, you often have to deal with (very) small parts that are often not expensive per piece (think of resistors and LEDs and so on). The "track and trace" story ensures that things, no matter how small, cannot be sent in, for example, an ordinary, small "bubble envelope" but necessarily in a package. As a result, the packaging is often exaggerated to a certain extent and makes the smallest purchase relatively expensive: the shipment then often costs the same or more than the product(s) you order... Suppose you want to order something worth, for example, a few "loose " euros, then you have to pay at least almost four euros for the shipment alone, while in fact that could easily be done in a (bubble) envelope and therefore as normal letterbox mail. I'm sorry. That's why four stars instead of five. Opencircuit Thanks for your comment. I would like to inform you that we certainly do offer letterbox packages. This shipping method is only available within the Netherlands and costs €2.95 in shipping costs. Letterbox packages simply go with the regular letter mail and are delivered to your mailbox the next working day by the postman. Mailbox package Fast delivery with track & trace code, fits in a letterbox. This shipping method is only possible for orders placed before 21:00. More information about shipping methods can be found here: Placed on
The Netherlands Ordering on the website is quite easy. You must know what you want. Placed on
The Netherlands Help desk more than adequate. Speed of delivery was a bit disappointing. Products were well packaged and 100% in order. Low prices. Placed on
The Netherlands
Fast and good
Smooth and fast Placed on
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