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The Netherlands
Well-functioning website with a good search function that immediately shows relevant results. Site easy to navigate Packaging not great
Excellent delivery, everything delivered quickly and at once. One thing, the packaging was very large. ~30 x 20 x 10 when everything could have been in a 15 x 10 x 10. Help the planet is dying! Placed on
The Netherlands
Order late and receive next day
I ordered three types of LEDs and the shipping costs were 5.95. I already had my reservations about that because it did indeed fit through the letterbox. So that was a minus. The delivery was also fast and correct. Opencircuit We deliver with PostNL via parcel post and letterbox package of your choice: Letterbox package - Fast delivery with track & trace code, fits in letterbox. This shipping method is only possible for orders placed before 9 p.m. Parcel post - Fast delivery with track & trace code. This shipping option can be selected 24 hours a day when placing an order. Placed on
The Netherlands
Delivery time Too large packaging for small orders
Delivery was indeed super fast and products are as expected. However, a number of fragile things were loose in a large cardboard box. As a result, one of the things was damaged. Fortunately I was able to fix that myself, but a smaller box and then just filling it up neatly would have prevented this. Placed on
Fast processing of the order
Just a concern about delivery via private parcel. returned to the mailbox without asking for the delivery code. This is not normal in my opinion because service charged! I am honest therefore I confirm receipt however I could have said that I did not receive anything... Opencircuit must ensure compliance with the delivery protocols for which it invoices the customer. best regard Opencircuit We always send packages to France with PostNL parcel post, including your order. These packages are insured and traceable via the track and trace information that we send by email when the package leaves our door. If an order is not delivered, PostNL and the international parcel services will investigate the location of your parcel and deliver it. But luckily that was not necessary in this case, because the order has been received correctly. If there are any further questions, feel free to ask them via Opencircuit Placed on
The Netherlands
Fast shipping
Order delivered quickly and correctly, top. Placed on
The Netherlands
Very fast delivery Fast and good Correct products in stock Too large packaging for small orders Documentation
Ordering process: fine, delivery: fine. attached documentation: none. No documentation or mention to website. Opencircuit Thanks for your message. Because the firmware constantly evaluates and everything is arranged online nowadays, we have decided to make the manual available only digitally. Since most customers do not read the manual or immediately throw it away after reading it for the first time, this is of course extremely wasteful. For your understanding of our choice, we hope not to physically add the manual. Hereby the digital version of the manual: And about the hardware: Placed on
Portugal Checkout was very difficult. The order was shipped the next day, but it took 7 days to arrive. One product was different from the description (I ordered two FireBeetle ESP32 boards, which are clearly shown without headers attached, but one of them came with soldered headers which I will have to remove). Placed on
The Netherlands
Order late and receive next day Later delivery of some parts
Ordering process was normal. While ordering, I ordered a Teensy lc, which would be delivered later. It would be nice if it was clearer when approximately it was delivered. Opencircuit Thank you for your review! We do indeed try to provide an estimated delivery time for all items. The Teensy LC clearly states: Delivery time 3 to 14 working days. Once you have added this item to the shopping cart, an estimated delivery date will also be displayed at the bottom of the shopping cart. Of course, this is an estimate as we are dependent on all kinds of third parties such as suppliers and courier services, but in general the estimate corresponds well with the actual delivery date. If you have any tips to make this even clearer on our website, please let us know. Placed on
Belgium Fast delivery. It is not at all clear that you will ultimately receive an invoice from Estonia, while it is a Belgian site. This is very annoying for a Belgian school for invoicing and VAT. Can this not be a Belgian invoice in the future? Opencircuit Of course it is possible to receive an invoice with our Belgian VAT number. VAT reverse charge is also possible. You can read more information here, or contact us: Placed on
The Netherlands I've been looking for a T-cobbler for a long time. Due to Corona, there were delivery problems elsewhere. After I accidentally ended up on the Open Circuit site, everything was resolved quickly. Both order and delivery were arranged within a few days. Placed on
Fine customer service (per chat and email) Persoonlijk contact via de mail Very long delivery time Complex site, search function does not work very well
- The site feels dated and is very unclear compared to the competition. The search function does not work very well (max 100 results, difficult to find search term 1 AND search term, for example searching for a JST-SH cable with 6 pins is a nightmare) - I had to wait a long time for my order (17 days) - In order overview on site you do not really get insight into which phase the order is (or why it has not yet been sent, and whether it has already been sent) + Contact with helpdesk was fast and positive + Delivery has since arrived in good condition Opencircuit Thanks for your feedback! Coincidentally, we have started using a new search system today, which now makes searching a lot easier: Finding the JST-SH cable with 6 pins was indeed a nightmare , partly due to the fact that we did not have this in our range. Since we are always open to additions, we now also have these cables available: If you have an account with us, you can easily view the order and its status. In most cases you can view the exact stock status of all ordered products in the order details. In your case, we suffered from the hectic air traffic, partly due to corona. The encoders you ordered have been idle for about a week between us and the supplier. Placed on
The Netherlands
Information on website not always enough information for laymen.
Processing a return took more than two weeks and then they did not resolve it properly. Customer service can therefore be much better. Adjusted: finally resolved. Opencircuit Thank you for your review. We regret that the response is negative. We have always responded promptly and politely to all emails and also via the Live chat. Your return had not yet arrived at our warehouse due to the extreme busyness of PostNL during this period. Thanks to the coronavirus, it is extremely busy and they indicate that there are many delays, including with returns. Apparently the processing of the return on our end took place no more than 2 hours later, after it had arrived at the warehouse and was in the system. Placed on
The Netherlands It is unclear whether it would be delivered, even if it had been paid. Placed on
Neatly packaged antistatically Send high threshold for free
There is 2.95 shipping costs until you set your destination country to Belgium. How can this be .be very misleading !! Placed on
The Netherlands
Live chat, friendly and customer oriented Fast delivery
I was a bit annoyed that the order was put on hold due to the fact that 1 of the four parts was out of stock. I am taking a course and I would like to get on with it. What I thought was a plus is that it was resolved almost immediately via live and that I immediately found the package in the mail a day later. Perhaps it is a good tip, if part of the order is not immediately available, to offer the option to wait or to split the shipment into multiple shipments at an additional cost. Opencircuit Thank you for your review! We already have the option to receive an order in 2 deliveries. When placing an order, you can choose to have everything in stock shipped immediately, the items that are not yet in stock will indeed be shipped later. Placed on
The Netherlands
Live chat, friendly and customer oriented Re-ordering is easy This company thinks along with you Items are added to the assortment on request Delivery time too long Call and answer by computer voice
Ordering is easy, contact via the website is good via telephone and mail can be better Placed on
The Netherlands
Fairly fast delivery Packaging not great Products not the greatest quality
Had what I needed at a fair price and delivery was decent. Slightly disappointed in the quality of the products with surface scratches on the copper and dirt with little attention to packaging. A simple piece of paper between the copper pcbs would be more than enough. Placed on
Belgium Fast delivery Placed on
The Netherlands Little 80s. discrete components. Placed on
The Netherlands Paid twice for shipping while everything is delivered in a package Opencircuit Thanks for your feedback. We always try to ship orders together. It is of course possible that you chose a second delivery and that the items that were previously out of stock arrived with us the same day, so that everything could be shipped in one go. If you have wrongly paid double shipping costs, we would like to ask you to contact us. Placed on
The Netherlands As good as expected Placed on
The Netherlands Item was in stock on the website. Not received after 10 days and no further message. Inquiries revealed that the item was apparently not in stock at the time of ordering, but now it is again. After a reminder email at 11 p.m., the product was shipped immediately and delivered the next day. Placed on
The Netherlands Product delivered quickly and neatly. Placed on
The Netherlands Shipping was fast. Packaging much less Placed on
The Netherlands All fine. But unfortunately. No instructions for use and/or connection diagram included. And I have a defect in 1 (crowtail magnetic switch 2.0). There is nothing you can do about it. So keep it up. Greetings Marcel. Placed on
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