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Belgium After a lot of emailed promises and excuses, finally the fan protection grid (standard commodity) arrived after some 22 days, which delayed extensively finalization of my project delivery.
Emailed communication remained helpful all the way, however!
Opencircuit Thanks for your feedback! We understand your disappointment about the delay, it did indeed take longer than indicated and we naturally hoped that the shipment would have arrived much sooner. We want to assure you that we always do our very best to receive and ship everything on time. Unfortunately, shipments can sometimes take a little longer due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we remain committed to providing the best service and speed possible, and hope that your future experience with us will meet your expectations. If there are any further questions, you know where to find us at Opencircuit Placed on
The Netherlands
Fast delivery Expensive Lack of protection precautions
Snelle levering maar is het geld niet waard. De board kwam aan met minimale bescherming in de doos. Eenmaal uitgepakt zijn er meerdere pins Schots en scheef en is er geen goeie connectie meer. Ook is het pcb board vies en zit er een verkleuring in de knoppen. Als je geen haast hebt zou ik bij aliexpress bestellen! Opencircuit Thank you for your review. If all goes well, there was foam on the pins to protect them from the journey. Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that the pins arrive bent despite all the protection. I see from your photos that they are all minimally bent and straightening will probably be very easy and harmless. If that is not the case and something appears to be really defective, please let us know. You can report this in the RMA form, via the live chat on our website or via email: Opencircuit Placed on
The Netherlands Bad communication. Order was 3 weeks later than stated. That may have been force majeure, but there was no information about it at all. Had to do it myself. The last email was not even responded to. Placed on
Well helped via email Neatly packaged antistatically
Fairly smooth processing of the order, I did have to wait a while for delivery, but that was due to a shortage of stock. Everyone knows that there is a worldwide shortage of everything, so no problem for me. Unfortunately, the quality of one of the parts of the order was substandard. I'm talking about a water pump 2.5v - 6v. Ordered for the 1st time, the pump broke down after less than 2 minutes. Very good experience with handling the RMA procedure. I received a new pump quite quickly, but unfortunately this never worked. A 2nd RMA was rejected. Shame.... Opencircuit Thank you for your review. We did indeed ship a new copy after the first RMA. And the second RMA request was indeed rejected as it looked like a double RMA notification without context. The pump has very few complaints and DOAs, and the chance that there are 2 defective items for 1 customer is very small. We assume that it is a connection or application error. As I indicated in the email, it is not a good idea to switch on a pump like this every 2 seconds, this puts too much stress on the internal electronics of the pump. Placed on
Belgium Arrived quickly, but the largest piece was not in the package: the robot chassis Opencircuit Thank you for your message. We are currently looking into this at our warehouse, perhaps they forgot to pack this item or the item has been lost from the storage location. We will keep you informed by email. Placed on
Belgium The order arrived late. +/- three weeks after date. Opencircuit Thanks for the review. The delivery has indeed been delayed due to the corona measures, we have been in contact about this by email. Placed on
Good prices Incorrect delivery times with out of stock items Do not receive order confirmation.
With my first order, 1 part was out of stock, but you delivered the other parts fairly quickly. With my 2nd order, 2 items were not in stock and then you didn't deliver anything at all. You definitely made me wait until I emailed you to finally find out why it took so long. I also had to inquire every time after placing an order whether everything was OK because I received no confirmation from you. So no for me with it no more, and its different and better. He may publish this review with my name included. Greetings Guido. Opencircuit What a pity that our service does not meet our expectations. Today, due to the corona crisis, there are a lot of delays with our suppliers, shipments often arrive later and all we can do about it is of course wait until they answer our question when the items can be delivered. About the confirmations: these are sent directly by automatic email after placing an order and after payment has been made, our emails may have ended up in your spam folder. But since you have been able to answer this review email, I assume that you have now also been able to find our other emails. Nevertheless, we would like to apologize for the many delays this time, because we think it is much better if everything can go as fast as before. Placed on
The Netherlands
Fast customer service also on weekends Products not the greatest quality
Excellent handling. Delivered on time Placed on
Products neatly packaged and of good quality Fast delivery
Satisfies Opencircuit Thank you for your review! I see that you only give 2 stars, which in our opinion is very below average. How can I help you improve your experience with our webshop? We are available 7 days a week during the day and in the evening by email, telephone, live chat and via Facebook and of course we strive for 5-star service. I look forward to receiving your message. Placed on
The Netherlands One of the engines was damaged and was also loose in the box. Also looked used. Ordered a 1:48 engine and a 1:120, but both engines go equally fast. It is also impossible to distinguish with the eye which engine it should be. Opencircuit Thank you for your review. It is of course not the intention that products arrive damaged. Was the shipping box also damaged? If something does not appear to be working, please let us know by email or phone call. We like to have satisfied customers! Placed on
Belgium The delivery arrived two days late, the product was seriously damaged. (WZifi module pins completely crushed) Considering the fact that I needed it urgently and the low purchase price, the pins were folded straight and received in an adapter. Outer packaging was dirty, but not damaged. Not the good service I have experienced in the past. To date the product has not yet worked, but that may be due to a lack of knowledge. Opencircuit Thanks for your feedback. I checked your details and according to the track & trace, the package was not delivered on the first day due to a closed statement from your company. We recommend that you contact PostNL about the closed declaration and the poor condition of the package. Please let us know if something is not working properly, we apologize for the inconvenience. Placed on
The Netherlands Was in stock but still had to wait a week. Pity. Opencircuit Thank you for your review. I see that your order was processed and shipped the same day, but was indeed delivered a few days late by PostNL. The reason for this is unfortunately unknown. However, we would like to apologize, we find fast delivery very important. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Placed on
Belgium Dissatisfied with delivered products Placed on
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