SparkFun MicroMod LoRa Function Board

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SparkFun MicroMod LoRa Function Board

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The SparkFun MicroMod LoRa Function Board is a powerful tool that brings LoRA and LoRaWAN capabilities to any MicroMod project. It is designed to work with a MicroMod Processor Board and a MicroMod Main Board, creating an electrical interface between the processor board and the Function Board. This product is based on the 915M30S LoRa module from EBYTE, a 1W (30dBm) transceiver that is built around the SX1276 from Semtech.

The LoRa Function Board features a robust edge mount RP-SMA connector for large LoRa (915MHz) antennas. There is also an option for a U.FL connector with modification. This module has been tested and achieved a 12 miles line-of-sight transmission under ideal conditions, though results may vary for individual users.

The MicroMod standardization simplifies the process of interfacing with various boards. Users can easily match up the M.2 edge connector of the function board to the slot of the M.2 connector on the main board and secure the function board with screws. Please note that a MicroMod Processor, Main Board, and antenna are not included with the MicroMod LoRa Function Board and must be purchased separately.

The MicroMod LoRa Function Board offers a range of features. It includes an M.2 MicroMod Edge Interface with keyed screw slots, an RP-SMA Antenna Connector with a configurable U.FL Antenna Connector, and a 1W 915M30S LoRa Module. The LoRa module is based on the SX1276 chipset from Semtech and offers a frequency range of 900 - 931MHz, a transmit power of 28.5 - 30dBm (max), and various modulation options.

The board also utilizes various MicroMod Peripherals, including 5V Power, I2C Bus (EEPROM), SPI Bus, and GPIO (7 pins). It also offers a range of hardware documentation, including a schematic, eagle files, board dimensions, a hookup guide, and a datasheet. Arduino libraries are also provided for further convenience.

The SparkFun MicroMod LoRa Function Board is a versatile and powerful tool for any MicroMod project, offering a range of features and capabilities. It simplifies the process of interfacing with various boards and provides robust LoRa and LoRaWAN capabilities.


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Brand Sparkfun
More info1W LoRa MicroMod Function Board Hookup Guide - SparkFun Learn
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Length40 mm
Width72 mm
Height6 mm
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