Infrared object detection module

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Infrared object detection module


This module makes it possible to register reflection at a fixed distance. The distance can be set by bending the LEDs more towards each other or apart. In addition, the sensitivity can be set using the potentiometer at which the output becomes high.

This module works on both 3.3 and 5V and is very suitable for following a line with a robot, for example.


Brand information
Brand Opencircuit house brand
Size info
Length14 mm
Width30 mm
Height5 mm
Weight35 g
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Customer questions

Q The Netherlands AmbiorsixWe want to detect objects with a Micro:bit for a school project. Here are 2 questions: - Micro:bit works standard with analog signal on pins 0-1-2. On the TCRT5000 Infrared line detection module that we use others you could choose, not here. Is this signal analog or digital? - We are making a goose board and the sensor must therefore be in the board and 'look' upwards. The plate is about 1 cm thick, but there is still some plate underneath. Will it be possible to install these sensors? If any of these questions prevent us from using this module, do you have an option other than the TCRT5000 Infrared Line Detection Module which is out of stock? View 1 answer   |   Answer this question
Q The Netherlands AnoniemHow many mA does this module use? View 1 answer   |   Answer this question
Q The Netherlands DirkWhat is the minimum distance that can be registered with this module? View 1 answer   |   Answer this question
Q The Netherlands Frans de JongeCan I also use this ir module as rpm speed detection via a piece of software on the Arduino uno or a separate atmel chip? View 1 answer   |   Answer this question

Customer Reviews

The Netherlands
I used the infrared detection module for my line following robot and am quite impressed! Adjusting the LEDs and the sensitivity potentiometer was a bit of a puzzle at first, but once set it worked like a charm. The fact that it can operate on both 3.3V and 5V is super handy, so it fits almost anywhere. A small downside is that the description could be a bit clearer, but with some experimenting you will figure it out.
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The Netherlands
Easy in use Simple assembly
Works well, by adjusting the position of the LEDs you can change the detection angle.
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The Netherlands
Simple assembly Sensitive
Works great for automatic soap dispensers
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