Ammonia Gas Sensor - MQ-137

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Ammonia Gas Sensor - MQ-137

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The MQ-137 is a top-notch Ammonia (NH₃) gas sensor developed by Winsen, a leading name in the field. This device is designed with a sensing element of SnO2, known for its lower conductivity in clean air. When Ammonia gas is present, the sensor's conductivity increases in proportion to the gas concentration. This change in conductivity can be easily measured and converted into data, although some calibration may be necessary.

The MQ-137 is compatible with Sparkfun's Gas Sensor Breakout Board, which facilitates easy solderability. This makes the MQ-137 an ideal choice for those who are looking for a hassle-free setup process.

One of the unique properties of this sensor is its high sensitivity to Ammonia gas. This makes it an excellent choice for various applications such as environmental monitoring, industrial production, and safety supervision. With its high precision and reliable performance, the MQ-137 sensor can effectively detect even small changes in Ammonia concentration, providing accurate and timely data.

The benefits of using the MQ-137 are numerous. It offers a high level of accuracy, reliable performance, and ease of use. Whether it's for personal use or for industrial applications, the MQ-137 is a dependable tool for monitoring Ammonia gas levels. Its compact size and lightweight design also make it easy to install and use in various settings.

For further details on the MQ-137, Sparkfun provides a comprehensive datasheet. This document provides in-depth information about the sensor's specifications, usage instructions, and more.


Brand information
Brand Sparkfun
Size info
Length19 mm
Width26 mm
Height19 mm
Weight9,6 g

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