Assorted jumper wire set (350 pcs)

Assorted jumper wire set (350 pcs)
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This breadboard jumper set (350 pieces) contains wire bridges to bring breadboarding to a higher level. The wire bridges do not loop above the breadboard, as with normal wire, but run neatly over the breadboard for a sleek finish. It not only looks nicer, but also gives a better overview, which means there is less chance of errors.

The wire bridges are supplied in a handy box with 14 different lengths and 25 pieces per length. The wires have the colors red - orange - yellow - green - blue - gray - white and the ends are already stripped and bent at a 90 ° angle so that they are completely plug-and-play.

     Voltage: max. 30 V
     Current: max. 3 A
         Cable: tinned copper
         Cable insulation: PVC
     Length: ± 4 to ± 125 mm
     American Wire Gauge: # 22 AWG

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The Netherlands
4 stars
Great product, handy for wiring up some test setups. The different sizes are mixed together, pay attention when looking for the right size.
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