SparkFun RP2040 mikroBUS Starter Kit

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SparkFun RP2040 mikroBUS Starter Kit

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The SparkFun RP2040 mikroBUS™ Starter Kit is an all-in-one solution for kick-starting your projects with the Click and Qwiic ecosystems, all powered by Raspberry Pi. The heart of this kit is the SparkFun RP2040 mikroBUS™ Development Board, complemented by the SparkFun Micro OLED Breakout (Qwiic) and the MIKROE Weather Click. To seamlessly connect all components, the kit also includes a 100mm Qwiic Cable and a USB A-C cable.

The SparkFun RP2040 mikroBUS™ Development Board is a cost-effective, high-performance platform that boasts flexible digital interfaces. It features the Raspberry Pi Foundation's RP2040 microcontroller and offers additional features like a microSD card slot, 16MB flash memory, a JST single cell battery connector, an addressable WS2812 RGB LED, JTAG PTH pins, four mounting holes, Qwiic connectors, and a mikroBUS™ socket.

The RP2040 supports both C/C++ and MicroPython cross-platform development environments, providing easy access to runtime debugging. It comes with UF2 boot and floating-point routines built into the chip. The board features an additional 16MB of external QSPI flash memory to store program code.

The kit includes the MIKROE Weather Click for the mikroBUS™ socket. This sensor detects humidity, pressure, and temperature, and is designed for low current consumption and long-term stability. It operates on a 3.3V power supply and communicates with the target microcontroller over SPI or I2C interface.

The SparkFun Micro OLED Breakout (Qwiic) is included for the Qwiic port. This small monochrome, blue-on-black OLED screen delivers incredibly clear images. Despite its small size, it can display a large amount of graphics, making it perfect for adding visuals to your project or displaying diagnostic information.

The SparkFun Qwiic Connect System is an ecosystem of I²C sensors, actuators, shields, and cables that simplifies prototyping and reduces errors. All Qwiic-enabled boards use a common 1mm pitch, 4-pin JST connector, saving PCB space and ensuring correct connections.

The kit includes:

  • SparkFun RP2040 mikroBUS™ Development Board
  • MIKROE Weather Click
  • SparkFun Micro OLED Breakout (Qwiic)
  • Flexible Qwiic Cable - 100mm
  • USB 3.1 Cable A to C - 3 Foot

Features of the SparkFun RP2040 mikroBUS Dev. Board include:

  • Raspberry Pi Foundation's RP2040 microcontroller with 18 Multifunctional GPIO Pins
  • Thing Plus (or Feather) Pin Layout with 28 PTH Pins and USB-C Connector
  • 2-pin JST Connector for a LiPo Battery
  • 4-pin JST Qwiic Connector
  • LEDs: PWR, CHG, 25, WS2812
  • Buttons: Boot, Reset
  • JTAG PTH Pins, 16MB QSPI Flash Memory, microSD Card Slot, mikroBUS Socket
  • Dimensions: 9.4cm x 3cm
  • Four Mounting Holes compatible with 4-40 screw

RP2040 General Features include:

  • Dual Cortex M0+ processors, up to 133 MHz
  • 264 kB of embedded SRAM in 6 banks
  • 6 dedicated IO for QSPI flash, supporting execute in place (XIP)
  • 30 programmable IO for extended peripheral support
  • SWD interface, Timer with 4 alarms, Real-time counter (RTC), USB 1.1 Host/Device functionality
  • Supported programming languages: MicroPython, C/C++


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