SparkFun DataLogger IoT - 9DoF

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SparkFun DataLogger IoT - 9DoF

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The SparkFun DataLogger IoT - 9DoF is a powerful data logger that comes preprogrammed to automatically log IMU, GPS, and various pressure, humidity, and distance sensors. This device is perfect for users who need to capture large volumes of data without writing a single line of code. The DataLogger automatically detects, configures, and logs Qwiic sensors, saving the data to a microSD card or sending it wirelessly to an IoT service of choice.

The DataLogger IoT features an IMU for built-in logging of a triple-axis accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer. It uses the ISM330DHCX from STMicroelectronics and MMC5983MA from MEMSIC. Data can be time-stamped when the time is synced to NTP, GNSS, or RTC. Users can easily power up the DataLogger IoT, configure the board to record readings from supported devices, and start logging.

The device is highly configurable over an easy-to-use serial interface. Simply plug in a USB-C cable and open a serial terminal at 115200 baud. The logging output is automatically streamed to both the terminal and the microSD card. Pressing any key in the terminal window will open the configuration menu. The DataLogger IoT - 9DoF automatically scans, detects, configures, and logs various Qwiic sensors plugged into the board.

The DataLogger IoT - 9DoF uses common microSD cards to record clear text, comma-separated (i.e., CSV), or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) files. It supports 4-bit SDIO with microSD cards formatted as FAT32 as well as the older FAT16 (i.e., FAT) formats up to 32GB. Low-power logging is supported, and the device can be configured to take readings as frequently as 26 times a second or as slow as 1 reading every 24 hours. The DataLogger IoT has built-in LiPo charging set at 500mA/hr, and when sleep mode is enabled, the resulting sleep current is approximately 200µA.

With a 2.4GHz WiFi connection, users can also send data to the cloud. The DataLogger IoT supports various IoT services, including MQTT Client, MQTT Secure Client, AWS IoT, ThingSpeak MQTT, Azure IoT, HTTP IoT, and MachineChat. Firmware updates can be done either through a microSD card or over WiFi using the configuration menu.

The SparkFun DataLogger IoT - 9DoF operates on a voltage range of 3.3V to 6.0V (via VIN), 5V with USB (via 5V or USB type C), or 3.6V to 4.2V with a LiPo battery (via BATT or 2-pin JST). It has a built-in MCP73831 single cell LiPo charger and a minimum 500mA charge rate. The device measures 42.16mm x 50.8mm and weighs 10.7g.


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