SparkFun Analog/Digital MUX Breakout - CD74HC4067

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SparkFun Analog/Digital MUX Breakout - CD74HC4067

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The SparkFun Analog/Digital MUX Breakout - CD74HC4067 is a versatile breakout board for the 16-Channel Analog/Digital Multiplexer/Demultiplexer CD74HC4067. This chip functions like a rotary switch, internally routing the common pin to one of 16 channel pins. It works with both digital and analog signals, and the connections operate in either direction. To control it, simply connect four digital outputs to the chip's address select pins and send it the binary address of the desired channel. This means you can connect up to 16 sensors to your system using only five pins.

With the capability to also work with digital signals, the SparkFun Analog/Digital MUX Breakout can be used to pipe TTL-level serial data to or from multiple devices. For instance, it can be used to connect the TX pins of 16 devices to a single RX pin on your microcontroller, allowing you to select any one of the 16 devices to listen to. For two-way communications, a second board can be added to route your microcontroller's TX line to 16 device's RX lines. By using multiple boards, similar arrangements can be created for I2C, SPI, and more.

The internal switches are bidirectional, support voltages between ground and VCC, have low "on" resistance and low "off" leakage. To prevent crosstalk, they perform "break-before-make" switching. The board also breaks out the chip's "enable" pin, which when driven high, will completely disconnect the common pin.

Key features of the SparkFun Analog/Digital MUX Breakout include a 2V to 6V operation, "On" resistance of 70 Ohms at 4.5V, 6ns break-before-make at 4.5V, and a wide operating temperature range of -55C to 125C.

For further information, SparkFun provides a schematic, Eagle Files, Datasheet, and a GitHub repository for the SparkFun Analog/Digital MUX Breakout - CD74HC4067.


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