Solder Paste - 50g (Lead Free)

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Solder Paste - 50g (Lead Free)

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Sparkfun offers 50g of high-quality, Lead-Free Solder Paste, an essential tool for prototyping and hobby projects that involve SMD soldering. The Solder Paste stenciling method is a quick and straightforward way to solder complex SMD components. Sparkfun uses solder paste stenciling for most of its boards, as it significantly reduces the soldering time. To achieve the best results with stenciling, this solder paste is an indispensable tool.The solder paste is composed of 96.5% tin (Sn), 3% silver (Ag), and 0.5% copper (Cu). This combination ensures excellent soldering performance and a reliable, long-lasting bond between components.Although the Solder Paste is packaged in 100g containers, each container holds 50g of paste. The container's design is not intended to be filled to capacity but to provide ample space for accessing and using the paste.This solder paste is perfect for a wide range of applications. For instance, it's ideal for assembling printed circuit boards, repairing electronic devices, or creating DIY electronics projects. It's also suitable for both professional use and hobby activities.One of the key benefits of this solder paste is its lead-free composition, making it safer for the environment and the user. Plus, with a substantial 50g amount, it's sufficient for multiple projects without the need for frequent replacements.In addition to its practical use, this solder paste is backed by a wealth of resources. Detailed datasheets provide in-depth information about the product, while tutorials and product videos offer guidance on how to use the paste for soldering.


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Brand Sparkfun
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Length40 mm
Width40 mm
Height38 mm
Weight204,2 g
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