PICAXE 18M2+ Microcontroller (18 pin)

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PICAXE 18M2+ Microcontroller (18 pin)

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The PICAXE 18M2+ Microcontroller is an 18-pin device that stands out as a new generation microcontroller. It boasts parallel tasking, touch sensors, and enhanced memory/RAM. This microcontroller is a cost-effective entry into the world of microcontrollers. It's programmed through a simple serial connection and the BASIC development environment is entirely free. With excellent educational applications and support, the PICAXE 18M2+ Microcontroller is an ideal starting point for those venturing into more complex embedded systems.

The PICAXE 18M2+ Microcontroller offers a host of features that makes it stand out from its predecessors. It provides parallel tasking, allowing it to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, increasing efficiency and performance. The touch sensors add a new dimension of interaction, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, the enhanced memory/RAM capacity allows for more complex programming and data storage.

One of the key benefits of the PICAXE 18M2+ Microcontroller is its simplicity. It is programmed through a simple serial connection, making it accessible even for beginners. The BASIC development environment is not only free but also user-friendly, further enhancing its appeal for those new to microcontrollers.

In addition to its user-friendly features, the PICAXE 18M2+ Microcontroller also excels in educational applications. It provides a practical and hands-on way to learn about microcontrollers and embedded systems. Whether for a school project or self-learning, this microcontroller is a valuable educational tool.

Lastly, the PICAXE 18M2+ Microcontroller serves as an ideal stepping stone into more complex embedded systems. It provides a solid foundation of knowledge and experience that can be built upon when venturing into more advanced systems. With the PICAXE 18M2+ Microcontroller, the world of microcontrollers is at your fingertips.

This product replaces the COM-08309 model. For further information, please refer to the datasheet and info sheet provided by Sparkfun.


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Brand Sparkfun
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Length10 mm
Width22 mm
Height8 mm
Weight20 g
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