Muscle Wire® - 0.012" Diameter (1 foot)

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Muscle Wire® - 0.012" Diameter (1 foot)

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The 0.012" Muscle Wire® is a 305mm long piece of nickel-titanium alloy, also known as Nitinol, that exhibits fascinating properties. This wire can bend and flex when a specific amount of heat or current is applied, thanks to the properties of shape memory and the change between the wire's martensitic (low temperature) and austenitic (high temperature) forms.

This Muscle Wire® is not just a piece of wire; it's a marvel of modern engineering. In its martensitic form, you can mold and bend it into various shapes. However, upon application of an electrical current of approximately 1.5A or heating to around 100°C, the wire reverts to its austenitic form, recovering its previous shape with significant force. You can also anneal it at roughly 500°C to set a new shape, to which it will return when heat or current is applied.

The Muscle Wire® is a versatile tool with numerous applications. It can be used to create intriguing art installations, innovative robotics, or even in medical devices. Its unique properties make it an exciting material for anyone interested in exploring the boundaries of science and technology.

The Muscle Wire® has a diameter of 0.30mm and requires a current of 1.5A to achieve its austenitic form. It has a pull force of 2.83lbs and a resistance of 0.31 ohms per inch.

Please note that the datasheet provided is for Flexinol® actuator wire, which is not exactly the same as Muscle Wire® but is quite similar. Flexinol® Actuator Wires are specifically designed for linear actuators to replace small motors or solenoids.

For more detailed information, please refer to the datasheet.


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