Electret Microphone

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Electret Microphone

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The Electret Microphone from Sparkfun is a compact, yet powerful acoustic tool that is perfect for a variety of audio applications. This small device is designed to capture and convert sound into an electrical signal, making it a key component in many audio recording and amplification systems.

The Electret Microphone is ideal for use in a range of settings, from professional recording studios to DIY audio projects at home. Its small size makes it easy to incorporate into your designs, while its high sensitivity ensures that the sound it captures is clear and accurate.

One of the unique properties of the Electret Microphone is its ability to pick up even the most subtle sounds. This makes it perfect for projects that require a high level of sound accuracy, such as sound-activated LED controls. The microphone's high sensitivity ensures that even the slightest sound will trigger the LED, creating a dynamic and interactive light display.

With the Electret Microphone, you're not just getting a high-quality audio tool, but also access to a wealth of resources to help you make the most of your device. The provided datasheet offers detailed information about the microphone's specifications and usage, while the example project by Adam Greig demonstrates the microphone's potential in an audio LED control project.

Whether you're a professional audio engineer or a hobbyist working on your latest project, the Electret Microphone from Sparkfun offers a reliable and high-quality solution for your audio needs.


Brand information
Brand Sparkfun
Size info
Length10 mm
Width10 mm
Height10 mm
Weight1,5 g
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