Diode Rectifier - 1A, 50V (1N4001)

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Diode Rectifier - 1A, 50V (1N4001)

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Sparkfun's Diode Rectifier - 1A, 50V (1N4001) is a compact, axial lead mounted rectifier diode that is widely used in a variety of applications. It's designed for reverse voltage protection and is a key component in many power, DC to DC step up, and breadboard projects. The 1N4001 is capable of handling up to 1A/50V, making it a reliable and efficient choice for your electronic needs.

One of the primary uses of this diode rectifier is reverse voltage protection. This is critical in many electronic devices to prevent damage caused by incorrect power supply connections. By incorporating the 1N4001 diode, you can ensure that your device is safeguarded against such risks.

This diode rectifier is also commonly utilized in DC to DC step up projects. It plays a vital role in increasing the voltage from the input to the output, thereby enabling your device to function at its optimal level. Whether you're working on a simple project or a complex electronic device, the 1N4001 can deliver the performance you need.

With its subminiature size, the 1N4001 diode rectifier is perfect for breadboard projects. Its axial lead mounting design allows for easy and secure installation. Despite its small size, it doesn't compromise on power, offering a rating of up to 1A/50V.

For more technical details and specifications, you can refer to the datasheet provided by Sparkfun. This comprehensive document offers all the necessary information about the diode rectifier, helping you understand its functionality and how to best utilize it in your projects.


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