Built-in volt and ampere meter red / blue

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Built-in volt and ampere meter red / blue

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Built-in volt and ampere meter. This combination measures both the current and voltage of a circuit and shows it on the display. This display can measure up to 100V and 10A.


Brand information
Brand Opencircuit house brand
Size info
Length47 mm
Width28 mm
Height22 mm
Weight20 g
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Customer questions

Q The Netherlands DeesHow do you connect the ampere/volt meter to the solar panels? which of the above drawings should I follow? View 1 answer   |   Answer this question
Q The Netherlands MikeIn addition to the positive, can the meter also indicate a negative current, i.e. the charging and discharging of a battery? View 1 answer   |   Answer this question
Q The Netherlands MarcelWhat are the installation dimensions? (LxWxD) View 1 answer   |   Answer this question
Q The Netherlands Ole MeulenbeltCan the volt/ampere meter handle peaks above 10A? View 1 answer   |   Answer this question
Q The Netherlands LucWhat is the Voltage/current range of the measurement? View 2 answers   |   Answer this question
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Customer Reviews

The Netherlands
Looks nice. Price. Compact. Ammeter not potential free. Connection diagram could have been a bit clearer.
Nice compact DC meter. Connecting takes a bit of care. Because the (thick) black wire of the ampere meter also hangs from the ground of the meter, it cannot simply be hung somewhere in between, as you can do with a potential-free (multi-)meter. And connecting the thin black wire can cause the current to take a different path causing the meter to read 0 even though current is flowing. (This has been on my mind for a while today.)
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The Netherlands
It's nice that there is a connection diagram on the Opencircuit website. I connected it to the battery on my boat: Works great!
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The Netherlands
Nice thing, clearance of the PCB in the house could be better, the PCB rattles in the house. Remember not to use anything below 3 VDC. Own power supply must be > 3 VDC otherwise the display will be black. In short, I am very satisfied for the applications for which I use them (model railway).
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The Netherlands
Beautiful and compact volt and ammeter for my adjustable power supply (the price is also nice)
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