Force-Sensing Resistor: 0.6″-Diameter Circle

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Force-Sensing Resistor: 0.6″-Diameter Circle


Pololu's Force-Sensing Resistor is a unique passive component that offers a dynamic response to force. The sensor, with a 1.5 cm active area, exhibits a decrease in resistance as the applied force increases. This feature allows the creation of a sensor that can effectively detect varying levels of force or pressure. The sensitivity range of the sensor spans from a few grams to a few kilograms, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring human touch control.

The Force-Sensing Resistor is not just a component; it's a tool that can significantly enhance the functionality of your projects. For instance, it can be used in creating touch-sensitive devices, interactive installations, or even in robotics where a sense of touch is required. The sensor can also be integrated into wearable technology, providing a responsive interface that adapts to the user's interaction.

One of the unique properties of Pololu's Force-Sensing Resistor is its sensitivity range. It can detect subtle changes in pressure, from a light touch to significant force. This makes it a versatile component, adaptable to various applications. Moreover, its compact size, with a diameter of 1.5 cm, allows it to be easily incorporated in designs where space is a constraint.

By choosing Pololu's Force-Sensing Resistor, you are investing in a component that offers reliable performance and adaptability. Its unique force-sensitive properties will give your projects a new dimension of interactivity and responsiveness.


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