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To make this scrolling text clock we need the following parts.

Products list

Arduino Nano R3 - clone - with headers In stock Arduino nano € 11,95 MAX7219 4x Dot matrix module In stock dot matrix module € 10,20 Real time clock module DS3231 In stock REAL time clock module € 10,20 Mean Well SGA12E09-P1J power supply - 9V 1,33A In stock Power adapter € 14,95 Buck converter module 1.25 - 35V LM2596 In stock Voltage regulator € 2,95 DC socket built-in 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm - 5 pieces In stock Power connector € 2,50 Rotary encoder 20 pulse met switch - 2 stuks Out of stock Rotary encoder with switch € 3,05 Total € 66,00

The nutrition

In this design we use a 9 volt power supply, then we use a voltage regulator to reduce this to 5 volts. In theory you could also use a 5 volt power supply, without a voltage regulator. But the voltage regulator provides a bit of safety, we can now safely connect a 12-volt power supply without anything breaking.

If we were to use a 5 volt power supply, without a regulator, it would break if we accidentally connect a higher voltage.

Be sure to set the voltage regulator to 5 volts before plugging in the rest of the project!

Here is the power supply schematic:

Schedule of the project

It may seem like a complicated scheme, but if you connect it step by step, you'll see that it's not too bad :-)

Schedule of the project

Arduino Sketch

When everything is connected we can start programming the Arduino (you can also do that first)..

You can download the sketch here: LINK

The zip file contains:

  • the schedule
  • the skit
  • a library: Copy this to the libraries folder of Arduino !

Watch the video!

I explain it step by step in the video.

Good luck building!

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