Programmer for the 1of!-ESP12 and the DSMR logger V4

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In a previous article I described how this ESP-01 USB Adapter suitable to serve as a programmer for the ESP-01.

In this article I show that you can make an adapter cable to use the same adapter, modified or not, to 1or!-ESP12 prototype board to program. Because Version 4 of the DSMR logger is prototyped with such a 1or!-ESP12 you can also use this adapter cable for programming the DSMR logger.

What do you need

ESP-01 USB Adapter In stock Possibly modified with a small switch € 2,50 Double Sided Prototyping PCB 2x8cm - 5 pieces In stock € 2,65 IC Male header 40 pin 2,54mm - 5 stuks In stock € 4,20 Female-Female 20 cm band cable 40 pieces In stock Dupont 5 pin plug (female) € 3,15 Stranded-Core black wire - 26AWG - 2 meter In stock Piece of flexible wire, 4 cores € 1,35 Total € 13,85
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