Smart Materials Range - Polymorph, 100g Pack

Smart Materials Range - Polymorph, 100g Pack
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Polymorph is a very popular smart material that has Educational and practical uses. It is a thermoplastic with a low melting temperature and a long working time. Students and crafters can create a huge range of useful products, using it for decorative and practical items. As a guide, 250g fills a regular sized coffee mug.

It is a reusable thermoplastic polymer with a low melting point. The pellets fuse together, soften and turn transparent when heated to over 62°C allowing users to easily shape the polymer by hand! It hardens to a solid, white, non-brittle, strong material that truly has unlimited possibilities. Also, it has no shelf-life and is fully biodegradable.

Compatible with Thermoworx colouring pigments.

To use:
  • Heat in hot water to over 62°C.
  • Mould by hand to the desired shape.
  • Allow it to cool and harden.
  • Reuse by placing the item back into water heated to over 62°C.
  • A smart material made from a thermoplastic polymer with a low melting point.
  • It can be moulded by hand into any shape you desire.
  • Once the moulded part has cooled and hardened it is non-brittle and strong.
  • It is biodegradable and be reused time and time again.
  • Get striking results by using paints/pigments to colour the resulting parts.


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