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Silicone soldering mat - 550 x 350 mm

Silicone soldering mat - 550 x 350 mm
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This multifunctional mat of 550 x 350mm is ideal for soldering and repair work. The mat is made of silicone, an antistatic material, making the mat ESD safe. In addition, the mat is heat-resistant up to 500 °C, so that the PCB can simply be soldered on the mat. If the mat is not used, it can also be folded or rolled up, because the material does not wringle and always retains its original shape.

     Heat resistant up to 500 °C
     Foldable, keeps its original shape
     5 magnetic zones
     With pockets for screws
     Anti-slip, non-stick
     Different tool holders


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The Netherlands
5 stars
Nice and spacious. Ensures a tidy workplace. Also handy that a (small) part is magnetic.
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4 stars
Never thought this was SOOOO good and handy! A true MUST-HAVE for every solder! If you place a thin mousse there locally and you press your PCB with the component side in it during soldering, your parts will sit nicely flat against your PCB, without burning your surface (or your fingers).
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5 stars
Very nice and orderly to work with. Magnetic pads are great.
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