Adafruit AS7262 6-Channel Visible Light / Color Sensor Breakout

Adafruit AS7262 6-Channel Visible Light / Color Sensor Breakout
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The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
Are also in this sensor, controlled by you and I!

Detect trees of green, and red roses too with the new Adafruit AS7262 6-Channel Visible Light / Color Sensor Breakout. This sensor from AMS has 6 integrated visible light sensing channels for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. These channels can be read via the I2C bus as either raw 16-bit values or calibrated floating-point values. There is also an on-board temperature sensor that can be used to read the temperature of the chip, and a powerful LED flash to reflect light off objects for better color detection.

The 6 channels on the AS7262 are realized by silicon interference filters at 450nm, 500nm, 550nm, 570nm, 600nm, and 650nm. This breakout uses the I2C interface on the chip by default, but a UART interface that accepts AT commands is also selectable.

We've placed the sensor on a PCB for you and included an SPI flash chip pre-programmed with the device firmware, a 3.3V regulator, I2C level shifting, and the recommended LED flash. Both the I2C and UART interfaces are broken out, making this breakout an excellent all-in-one solution for all your color-sensing needs. The pinout for the UART interface is plug-and-play compatible with the Adafruit FTDI Friend.

We've also prepared software libraries to get you up and running in Arduino or CircuitPython with just a few lines of code!


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The Netherlands
5 stars
Accurate sensor Easy to use in Arduino IDE
A good example of how expensive technology is now available to the masses. With this sensor we built a LEGO spectrophotometer in the classroom that works very well. Combine it with 6 matching LEDs of comparable wavelength, or for slightly less precision with an RGB LED, and you can determine the concentrations yourself. We were max 2% off the values from the expensive commercial machines in the lab. Add this to info:
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