About us

We started as young entrepreneurs, or enthusiasts who have turned a hobby into a business.

Robin Blok, the website designer, programmer and founder of Opencircuit has started with the idea to build some nice projects himself in addition to his studies. A few years later, after completing his studies, he owns Opencircuit together with his partner Yva Loos.

Fast delivery is important to us to create beautiful projects, because this is where inspiration and ideas are still new. In addition, we care a lot to make and keep you satisfied with our website, our service and our products! We have a good cooperation with our team in order to be able to guarantee the best service.

Robin is responsible for the website and often helps with technical support. Yva takes care of the logistics part of our company, such as the correct handling of orders and the associated customer support.

In other words, we are hard workers who are only satisfied when you are satisfied.

Meanwhile Opencircuit has grown into a successful e-commerce company that helps thousands of customers every year with their electronics needs. Because our warehouse has a close cooperation with PostNL, upscaling is no longer a problem and we can ship orders until midnight.

Who are you?

Our team would also like to get to know you and the projects you are working on.
Do you have a beautiful, creative or genius project in the making and would you like to share this with other inventors / hackers? Let us know! Because the best you can do with knowledge is, of course, share it!