Smart meter reader V4.5 - Assembled & programmed (with ESP-12)

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Smart meter reader V4.5 - Assembled & programmed (with ESP-12)

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This product contains a fully assembled & programmed DSMR logger V4.5 (DSMR stands for "Dutch Smart Meter Requirements"), which logs the energy consumption of the devices in the house based on the ESP-12. The data is displayed in a browser via an internal web server, but can also be retrieved by other applications (for example Home-Assistant or Domoticz) via rest APIs. The DSMRloggerAPI firmware also sends the data to an MQTT broker if desired. In addition, it is possible to retrieve stored data from the DSMR logger via the built-in "FSmanager". This product is completely “Plug & Play”. In exceptional cases (for example a Smart Meter with DSMR 2+ or DSMR 3+), settings must be adjusted via the GUI.

This version features the (DSMRloggerAPI) firmware. New versions of the firmware can be easily loaded onto the DSMR logger from the browser. The DSMRloggerAPI firmware also makes it easy(er) to create your own GUIs or to use other developed GUIs.

Version 4 of the well-known DSMR logger is the logical successor to version 3. This version responds to the wish of many users to store more data from the "Smart Meter" and to display that data not only in tabular form, but also in charts. to be able to display. Version 4.5 has an extra DC jack for a 5V power supply when the smart meter supplies no or too little power. To use the external power supply, the "PWR SRC" must be set to "JACK".

Check (here) whether your Smart Meter has been tested with the DSMR logger. The DSMR logger is standard suitable for Smart Meters that adhere to the DSMR 2+, 3+, 4+ or 5+ standard. Belgian Smart Meters can also be read by the DSMR logger.

Because the DSMRloggerAPI firmware is suitable for DSMR 2+, 3+, 4+ and 5 Smart Meters and also works with most Belgian Smart Meters, many of the Questions and Answers under this article no longer apply. For the sake of completeness, we leave them here.

The per month table now provides direct insight into the costs in a certain month and how high those costs were 12 months before (handy to monitor your advance amount).

As an extra it is possible to order a SSD1306 (0.96”) or SH1106 (1.3”) OLED screen on the DSMR logger, the header is already connected for this, but first test whether the polarity matches your screen! Please read the (documentation) and pay particular attention to the location of the Vcc and GND pins. These can differ per batch!

The DSMR logger is prepared to connect a current sensor (in order to use this functionality you have to adjust the firmware yourself). The DSMR logger then expects a voltage between 0 and 2 volts. With a voltage divider (space has been made for this on the board) you can change this range.

Detailed documentation for the DSMR logger Version 4.5 and the DSMRloggerAPI firmware can be found (here) find.

Homey app

Video of startup

This product comes with an RJ12 cable.


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Q The Netherlands PeterWhy can't I update ringlog.CSV, if I do it still forgets the entered values after clicking "save" again, both exported edited on my PC and imported again, as well as directly on the tab settings>> meter readings>> save, why isn't that? or what am i doing wrong? Answer this question
Q The Netherlands CerielWhat are the dimensions in millimeters (now that the recommended project box is out of stock)? View 1 answer   |   Answer this question
Q The Netherlands CerielIs there a ready-made cable in this webshop to power this board via USB, if so which article? View 1 answer   |   Answer this question
Q The Netherlands RenéToo bad there is no S0 counter on it.
Q The Netherlands BasHow do I reset the wifi via the temporary AP that starts the dsrm on commissioning? View 1 answer   |   Answer this question
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The Netherlands
An attached drawing of the connection options on the PCB is, in my opinion, a welcome improvement for some and will lead to fewer questions. Exploring the possibilities. After some sniffing and reading carefully, it is indeed plug and play.
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The Netherlands
Snel in huis
Works well, very convenient to use.
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The Netherlands
Bevat een aantal grote issues in firmware
In eerste instantie was ik positief, maar: - de firmware heeft memory leakage issues (tuurlijk dat zou ik kunnen fixen maar ik zocht juist een COTS op lossing). - het is niet mogelijk om het accespoint gedrag uit te schakelen er blijft een esp... netwerk actief ook al is hij gekoppeld aan je netwerk.
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The Netherlands
Snel in huis Professional product. A lot of information
Works well and lots of information to get it working. Had it at home the next day.
Placed on 
The Netherlands
Professional product. Documentation is missing.
Can't rate yet unfortunately. is not yet operational
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Hereby the digital version of the manual:" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> And about the hardware:" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">
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