Wheel Encoder Kit

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Wheel Encoder Kit

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The Wheel Encoder Kit from DAGU is a simple, yet effective add-on to any wheeled robot. It's designed to measure the speed or distance the robot travels, making it a valuable tool for robotics enthusiasts and professionals alike. The kit includes two neodymium 8-pole magnets with rubber hubs and two hall-effect sensors. These sensors are terminated with 150mm cables and come with 3-pin female servo headers. The wheel encoders require a supply voltage of 3-24V and a supply current of 4mA.

The Wheel Encoder Kit's features are impressive, offering a supply voltage range of 3-24V and a supply current of 4mA per sensor. It also boasts a maximum output voltage of 26V and a continuous output current of 25mA. This makes it a powerful tool for any robotics project.

Using the Wheel Encoder Kit is a breeze. It's designed to be easily integrated into your existing robot setup. Once installed, it can provide valuable data on your robot's speed and distance travelled. This information can be used to improve your robot's navigation and control systems, making it more efficient and accurate.

What sets the Wheel Encoder Kit apart is its use of neodymium 8-pole magnets and hall-effect sensors. These components are not only reliable, but they also offer high precision. This ensures that you get accurate readings every time. Furthermore, the sensors come with 150mm cables and 3-pin female servo headers, allowing for easy installation and connection.

For more detailed information about the Wheel Encoder Kit, refer to the datasheet and the RedBot Assembly Guide, available on the Sparkfun website. These resources provide comprehensive instructions on how to assemble and use the kit, ensuring you get the most out of your purchase.


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Brand Sparkfun
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Length120 mm
Width120 mm
Height9 mm
Weight70,6 g
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