Tube - Stainless (1"OD x 10"L x 0.88"ID)

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Tube - Stainless (1"OD x 10"L x 0.88"ID)


The Sparkfun Stainless Steel Tube is a robust and versatile component with a length of 25.4cm, an outer diameter of 2.54cm, an inner diameter of 2.23cm, and a wall thickness of 1.52mm. It's a perfect solution for structural support when paired with compatible tube clamps. The tube also allows for the effortless routing of wires and cables through its center, enhancing the neatness and organization of your projects.

One of the key uses of the Sparkfun Stainless Steel Tube is in the construction of custom frames or structures. This tube, with its significant length and sturdy build, can be used to create a strong and stable framework for various DIY projects. Whether you're building a robot, a custom computer case, or a mini greenhouse, this tube offers the strength and stability you need.

Another major benefit of the Sparkfun Stainless Steel Tube is its ability to neatly route cables and wires. This is particularly beneficial in electronic projects where numerous wires are involved. By running the wires through the tube, you can keep your project area tidy and organized, reducing the risk of entanglement or damage to the wires.

The unique properties of the Sparkfun Stainless Steel Tube lie in its dimensions and material. With a wall thickness of 1.52mm, it's robust enough to handle the weight and stress of various projects. Plus, being made of stainless steel, it's resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.


Brand information
Brand Sparkfun
Size info
Length27 mm
Width259 mm
Height27 mm
Weight485 g
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