Stepper Motor - 68 (400 steps/rev)

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Stepper Motor - 68 (400 steps/rev)

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Sparkfun's Stepper Motor is a high-quality, bipolar motor that is perfect for applications requiring precise positioning and repeatability. With a step angle of 0.9 degrees, it provides exceptional control for accurate movements. The motor operates on a rated voltage of 3V and a rated current of 1.7A per phase. It features a 5mm diameter drive shaft and offers a holding torque of This stepper motor adheres to the NEMA 17 form factor, ensuring compatibility with many standard setups.

The Stepper Motor from Sparkfun is an excellent choice for a variety of projects. It's ideal for use in robotics, where precise movements are critical. It can also be used in CNC machines, 3D printers, and other devices that require controlled, repeatable movements. The high holding torque ensures that the motor maintains its position even when not in motion, providing stability in applications where it's crucial.

This motor stands out for its bipolar configuration, which allows for higher torque and better performance compared to unipolar motors. The NEMA 17 form factor makes it versatile and compatible with a wide range of equipment. Furthermore, the 5mm drive shaft can easily be coupled with most standard components, making this motor a reliable choice for various applications.

Sparkfun provides comprehensive support for their Stepper Motor. A detailed datasheet is available, providing all the necessary technical information. Additionally, tutorials on motor selection and hookup guides are provided, ensuring that even beginners can successfully integrate this motor into their projects.


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Brand Sparkfun
More infoBig Easy Driver Hookup Guide - SparkFun Learn
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Length72 mm
Width43 mm
Height46 mm
Weight785 g
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