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SparkFun Transparent OLED HUD Breakout (Qwiic)

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SparkFun Transparent OLED HUD Breakout (Qwiic)

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The Qwiic Transparent OLED HUD by SparkFun brings the future to your fingertips, with a clear screen designed for use in vehicle heads-up displays. This OLED panel shines brightly in low light conditions, yet remains highly visible even in daylight. The display features area coloring, meaning different segments can display different colors, though individual segments cannot change colors.

The SparkFun Transparent OLED Breakout is user-friendly, allowing you to control the display using the I2C protocol. It also includes a voltage step-up to generate the panel's 12V driving voltage from Qwiic's 3.3V bus. An Arduino library is provided to simplify tasks such as changing the speedometer read out. The Qwiic system ensures no soldering is required to connect it to your system, but 2.54mm-spaced pins are also available for breadboard usage.

The Arduino sketch required for this display needs a substantial amount of dynamic memory, making it unsuitable for smaller controllers like the ATmega328. However, it runs smoothly on any controller with larger RAM, such as the Arduino Mega 2560. Ensure your 3.3v source is robust enough to supply around 400mA to the display.

Note: The I2C address of the Transparent OLED is 0x30 / 0x31 and is hardware defined. A multiplexer/Mux is required to communicate to multiple Transparent OLED sensors on a single bus. If you need to use more than one Transparent OLED sensor, consider using the Qwiic Mux Breakout.

The SparkFun Qwiic Connect System is an ecosystem of I2C sensors, actuators, shields, and cables that make prototyping faster and less prone to error. All Qwiic-enabled boards use a common 1mm pitch, 4-pin JST connector. This reduces the amount of required PCB space, and polarized connections mean you can’t hook it up wrong.

Each purchase includes one Transparent OLED Display and one Qwiic HUD Breakout Board.

The Transparent OLED HUD features a panel size of 106.00mm x 37.90mm, and is completely transparent. It has a segmented display with 230 separate segments, requires 3.3V at ~500mA, and has I2C Addresses of 0x30, 0x31. It also includes 2x Qwiic Connectors.

For further information, please refer to the schematic, Eagle Files, Hookup Guide, Arduino Library, and GitHub resources provided by SparkFun.


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