SparkFun OpenPIR

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SparkFun OpenPIR

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The SparkFun OpenPIR is a versatile Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor that is designed around the NCS36000 PIR controller. It is primarily used to detect motion in a limited area, making it the ideal choice for security systems, home automation, and proximity-sensing applications. The OpenPIR is unique in that it allows the user to set the sensitivity, trigger time, and pulse mode to fit their specific needs.

The SparkFun OpenPIR is equipped with two trimpots that allow for the adjustment of sensitivity and the length of time the output remains HIGH after motion is detected. It also features a trigger that supports two motion-detection modes: single-pulse and dual-pulse. A distinctive characteristic of the OpenPIR is its reverse-entry green LED, which mirrors the status of the OUT pin. This means that the LED will light up when motion is detected and stay off otherwise.

With a power supply range of 3VDC to 5.75VDC and a standby average current of 80µA (3mA when detecting motion), the SparkFun OpenPIR is highly energy efficient. It can be connected via a standard 2.54mm header or a 4-pin JST PH connector, providing flexibility in its application.

Features of the SparkFun OpenPIR include a voltage supply range of 3VDC to 5.75VDC, a standby average current of 80µA, and a motion-detected average current of 3mA. It also boasts an integrated 2-stage amplifier, an internal LDO to drive the sensor, an internal oscillator with an external RC, and the option for single or dual pulse detection.


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Brand Sparkfun
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