SparkFun MicroMod Teensy Processor with Copy Protection

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SparkFun MicroMod Teensy Processor with Copy Protection

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The SparkFun MicroMod Teensy Processor with Copy Protection is a powerful and versatile piece of hardware that combines the NXP iMXRT1062 chip with the M.2 MicroMod connector. This allows for easy integration with any compatible MicroMod Carrier Board. The unique feature of this processor is its copy protection, which is ideal for commercial products and secure applications where firmware security is a priority.

The processor uses the same hardware as the "Lockable" Teensy from PJRC. Its copy protection feature ensures that your program is encrypted during compilation. This means that any attempts to extract data from the flash memory chip, capture USB communication, or copy the EHEX file will only yield an encrypted copy of your program.

The Teensy Processor Board packs a punch with an ARM Cortex-M7 processor operating at clock speeds up to 600MHz, 16MB Flash Memory and 1024K RAM Memory. It also comes with seven serial UART ports, four I2C buses, two SPI ports, CAN-Bus, 12 GPIO, dedicated digital, analog, and PWM pins, USB Host and Device capability up to 480Mbit/s, and digital audio. The versatility of the iMXRT1062 pins allows for further customization depending on your project's needs.

Teensy is a registered trademark of PJRC. The MicroMod Teensy is a collaboration between PJRC and SparkFun.

MicroMod is a modular interface ecosystem that connects a microcontroller “processor board” to various “carrier board” peripherals. Utilizing the M.2 standard, the MicroMod standard is designed to easily swap out processors on the fly. Pair a specialized carrier board for the project you need with your choice of compatible processor!


  • Teensy Code security/Copy protection
  • USB Device up to 480Mbit/sec: Capable of enumerating as a USB keyboard, mouse, joystick, MIDI, audio, and more
  • USB Host up to 480Mbit/sec: Capable of interfacing to USB flash drives, mice, keyboards, and more
  • 7x Serial Ports
  • 2x SPI
  • 4x I2C Bus
  • 1x CAN-Bus
  • 1x I2S Digital Audio
  • 1x SDIO for SD
  • 2x Dedicated Analog Pins (Up to 14 available for use)
  • 2x Dedicated PWM Pins (Up to 22 available for use)


MicroMod Teensy Processor Documentation:

  • Schematic
  • Eagle Files
  • Hookup Guide
  • Datasheet (iMXRT1062)
  • GitHub Hardware Repo

MicroMod Documentation:

  • Getting Started with MicroMod
  • Designing with MicroMod
  • MicroMod Info Page
  • MicroMod Forums

Teensy Documentation:

  • Teensy Quick Start
  • Teensyduino Software
  • Teensy Help Page and FAQ


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Brand Sparkfun
More infoMicroMod Teensy Processor Hookup Guide - SparkFun Learn
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Length23 mm
Width23 mm
Height3 mm
Weight5,4 g
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