SparkFun GNSS Combo Breakout - ZED-F9P, NEO-D9S (Qwiic)

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SparkFun GNSS Combo Breakout - ZED-F9P, NEO-D9S (Qwiic)

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SparkFun's GNSS Combo Breakout featuring the u-blox ZED-F9P and NEO-D9S is a high-precision global positioning system that delivers centimeter-level accuracy. This advanced combo breakout links the ZED-F9P multi-band GNSS module with the NEO-D9S L-band GNSS correction data receiver. With a clear view of the sky, particularly to the South, this combo breakout can provide precise positioning without the need for separate RTK or NTRIP corrections.

The ZED-F9P and NEO-D9S combo board is part of SparkFun's impressive line of RTK boards. The ZED-F9P module is a high-end solution for GNSS and GPS location, capable of providing three-dimensional accuracy at the centimeter level. This board allows for precise tracking of any object's X, Y, and Z location without a separate correction source.

SparkFun has paired the ZED-F9P with the NEO-D9S-00B satellite data receiver for L-band correction broadcasts. The NEO-D9S can be configured with various L-band correction services, including u-blox's PointPerfect service. This receiver decodes the satellite transmission and outputs a correction stream directly to the ZED-F9P via UART2, enabling the ZED-F9P to achieve centimeter-level accuracies straight out of the box.

The combo breakout comes with two USB-C connectors, one for the ZED-F9P and one for the NEO-D9S. These connectors allow you to connect the board to your laptop and configure both devices using u-blox u-center. The board also features two Qwiic connectors for quick and easy connection to your preferred development board. The ZED-F9P and NEO-D9S share a single SMA antenna connection, thanks to a miniature surface-mount power divider, and 3.3V power is provided for an active antenna. The UART2 pins are interconnected by default, allowing the NEO-D9S to feed corrections directly to the ZED-F9P, but they can be isolated by opening the jumper links.

SparkFun's GNSS Combo Breakout is a part of the Qwiic Connect System, an ecosystem of I2C sensors, actuators, shields, and cables that make prototyping faster and less prone to error. All Qwiic-enabled boards use a common 1mm pitch, 4-pin JST connector, reducing the amount of required PCB space and ensuring polarized connections for error-free hook-up.

Note: The PointPerfect L-Band correction service for the SparkFun GNSS Combo Breakout is currently only available in the USA's 48 contiguous states and the European Union. This product requires a suitable L-Band antenna. The I2C address of the ZED-F9P is 0x42 and the I2C address of the NEO-D9S is 0x43, both are software configurable. A multiplexer/Mux is required to communicate with multiple ZED-F9P modules on a single bus. If you need to use more than one ZED-F9P module, consider using a Qwiic Mux Breakout.


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