SparkFun Artemis Global Tracker

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SparkFun Artemis Global Tracker

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The SparkFun Artemis Global Tracker is a versatile and compact device that combines the capabilities of the Artemis Module, Iridium 9603N Short Burst Data modem, u-blox ZOE-M8Q GNSS receiver, and a TE MS8607 PHT sensor. This powerful combination allows for an array of applications that were once challenging to achieve.

With the Artemis Global Tracker, you can send and receive short data messages anywhere in the world, thanks to the Iridium satellite network. Whether you're gathering data from a mountaintop, controlling remote equipment in the field, or communicating in emergency situations, this tracker has you covered. It even allows for geofencing, alerting you if your equipment moves into or out of a specified area.

The Artemis Module at the heart of the tracker is Arduino-compatible and boasts 1M flash and 384k RAM, offering ample room for your code. The tracker features a Qwiic connector for easy attachment of external I2C sensors and breaks out the I2C and SPI pins, five digital I/O, and five GPIO pins for added peripheral possibilities.

The ZOE-M8Q ensures quick and accurate location determination with minimal current draw. It can generate automatic alerts if the tracker moves into or out of up to four geofenced areas. The ZOE and Iridium modem share a single antenna, with a switching circuit included for selecting which device uses the antenna. A protective circuit ensures only one device uses the antenna at a time.

The on-board MS8607 pressure, humidity, and temperature sensor is suitable for challenging environments, functioning down to -40C and 10mbar, making it ideal for airborne applications.

The Artemis Global Tracker offers multiple power options, including USB-C, a rechargeable LiPo battery, or an external battery pack. It also includes a LiPo charger, and you can add extra supercapacitors to configure the tracker's current draw, allowing it to operate directly from a small solar panel without needing batteries.

The tracker can be fully configured via its USB-C interface or remotely via an Iridium message. With the provided configuration tool, you can remotely change your geofence location or temperature alarm limit. Python software tools are also available for plotting the path and location of up to eight trackers on a satellite map.

Please note that the Iridium modem requires a monthly rental service to exchange information with the Iridium satellite network. The cost is £12GBP (about $17USD) per month, and you only pay for the months you wish to use the modem. No annual contract is required. If you wish to use the modem with another Iridium airtime provider, an unlock fee of $60USD per modem applies.

Get started with the Artemis Global Tracker today and experience the convenience and versatility of this powerful device!


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Brand Sparkfun
More infoArtemis Global Tracker Hookup Guide - SparkFun Learn
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Length85 mm
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Height30 mm
Weight81 g
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