Small Stepper Motor

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Small Stepper Motor

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Sparkfun's Small Stepper Motor is designed to provide precise positioning and repeatability, making it an excellent choice for various applications. This compact stepper motor is equipped with a 2-phase, 7.5-degree stride angle and a 3mm diameter drive shaft. It operates at a rated voltage of 12V and a rated current of 400mA, ensuring optimal performance. The motor comes with a 4-wire cable attached and delivers an in-traction torque of 100 g/cm.

Sparkfun's Small Stepper Motor is ideal for scenarios where precise positioning is a must. It could be used in robotics, CNC machines, or any other mechanical system requiring accurate control. The motor's compact size makes it perfect for projects where space is a constraint. Thanks to the 2-phase operation, this stepper motor offers smooth and precise motion control.

One of the major benefits of this stepper motor is its compatibility with current limiting drivers such as the Easydriver or Big Easydriver. When paired with these drivers, a 12V power supply can be utilized, provided the current level is adjusted to 400mA or less. However, for non-current limited drivers, the input voltage should be lowered to maintain the motor current below 400mA.

Another unique feature of this motor is its bipolar configuration. This means it has two windings, which makes it capable of providing high torque and better performance compared to unipolar motors. This makes the Sparkfun Small Stepper Motor a reliable choice for demanding applications.

For further details about the motor's specifications and usage, you can refer to the datasheet and the quickstart guide provided by Sparkfun. These resources offer comprehensive information, making it easier for users to integrate this stepper motor into their projects.


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Brand Sparkfun
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Length38 mm
Width50 mm
Height27 mm
Weight135 g
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