Shelly Plus Uni

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Shelly Plus Uni


The Shelly Plus Uni is a compact and versatile Wi-Fi-operated module specifically designed for low-voltage applications, offering both sophisticated automation capabilities and detailed monitoring insights. This device is an ideal solution for a broad range of applications, enhancing the smart functionality of your home appliances without the need for a central hub. It effortlessly integrates with the Shelly Smart Control app, various platforms, protocols, and voice assistants like Alexa and Home Assistant, allowing for seamless control and automation tailored to your preferences.

Suitable for small appliances operating on low-voltage AC and DC (ranging from 8-24 VAC, 9-28 VDC to 5 VDC), the Shelly Plus Uni is incredibly versatile. It is equipped with two digital and one analog input, expanding its utility by supporting 1-Wire sensors, including a single DHT22 or up to five DS18B20 sensors, making it highly compatible with most Arduino sensors. This compatibility allows for the utilization of its digital or analog inputs to monitor various parameters, enabling the creation of intricate automation scenes based on sensor data.

Moreover, the Shelly Plus Uni can provide precise data readings from energy, gas, or water meters (or any other meter capable of supporting pulse count readings via external sensors), further enhancing its utility in monitoring and managing home energy usage. In addition to its primary functions, it also serves as a Wi-Fi Range Extender and BLE Gateway, ensuring robust connectivity throughout your home.

Powered by an exceptionally fast ESP32 processor, the Shelly Plus Uni guarantees immediate response times, essential for real-time adjustments and reactions in smart home environments. It also supports advanced features such as scripting, webhooks, MQTT, WebSocket, HTTPS, UDP, TLS, and the use of custom certificates, offering unparalleled flexibility and security in smart home automation.


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