Shaftless Vibration Motor 10x3.4mm

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Shaftless Vibration Motor 10x3.4mm


The Pololu Shaftless Vibration Motor is a compact, button-style motor that delivers a powerful vibration amplitude of 0.75g. Operating at an energy-efficient 60mA when 3V is applied, this motor is an optimal choice for applications requiring a small yet robust vibration motor. Its shaftless design further enhances its compactness, with a diameter of just 10mm and a height of 3.4mm.

The Pololu Shaftless Vibration Motor is ideal for a variety of applications. Its compact size and powerful vibration make it an excellent choice for wearable devices, haptic feedback applications, and other electronics where size constraints are a consideration. Its low power consumption also means it can run for extended periods without draining battery life, making it a reliable choice for portable devices.

What sets the Pololu Shaftless Vibration Motor apart is its unique shaftless design. By eliminating the shaft, Pololu has managed to keep the motor's size to a bare minimum without sacrificing its vibration power. This makes it a perfect fit for projects where space is at a premium. Furthermore, despite its small size, this motor delivers a vibration amplitude of 0.75g, which is impressive for a motor of its size.

With the Pololu Shaftless Vibration Motor, you get a perfect blend of power, efficiency, and compactness. Whether you're designing a wearable device or a compact electronic gadget requiring haptic feedback, this motor is sure to meet your needs. Experience the perfect harmony of size and power with the Pololu Shaftless Vibration Motor.


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