Rotary Encoder - 1024 P/R (Quadrature)

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Rotary Encoder - 1024 P/R (Quadrature)

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The Sparkfun Rotary Encoder - 1024 P/R (Quadrature) is a high-resolution encoder that produces 1024 pulses per rotation. It uses gray code output, which can be interpreted by a microcontroller to determine the direction and degree of shaft rotation. This feature makes it an excellent addition to motor control systems. The encoder is commonly used in balancing robots and dead reckoning navigation, but it can also function as a precise input knob.

The encoder has a resolution of 1024 pulses per rotation, ensuring high precision in recording rotations. It operates at an input voltage of 5 - 12VDC, and can handle a maximum rotating speed of 6000rpm. The encoder is designed to withstand radial loads up to 5N and axial loads up to 3N. It comes with a 50cm cable and features a 6mm shaft diameter.

With the Sparkfun Rotary Encoder, you can enhance the performance of motor control systems by providing precise feedback on shaft rotation. It's ideal for use in robotics, where accurate motion control is critical. The encoder's high resolution ensures that even the smallest rotations are recorded, enabling precise control over the robot's movements.

The encoder is also a great tool for dead reckoning navigation, where it can provide accurate data on the direction and degree of rotation. This can help in calculating the current position based on a known starting point and the recorded movements.

Moreover, the Sparkfun Rotary Encoder can serve as a precise input knob, allowing you to control various parameters with high accuracy. Its robust design, high resolution, and ability to handle high rotating speeds make it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.

The datasheet for the Sparkfun Rotary Encoder provides detailed information about its features and specifications. Example code is also available to help you get started with using the encoder in your projects.


Brand information
Brand Sparkfun
Size info
Length100 mm
Width102 mm
Height72 mm
Weight435 g

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