RFID Reader ID-20LA (125 kHz)

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RFID Reader ID-20LA (125 kHz)

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The Sparkfun RFID Reader ID-20LA (125 kHz) is a compact and user-friendly device that utilizes radio-frequency electromagnetic fields for non-contact identification and tracking of objects with attached tags. This module, developed by ID Innovations, comes with a built-in antenna and only requires a 2mm pin spacing. It's as simple as powering the module, presenting a 125kHz card, and then receiving a serial string output that contains the unique ID of the card.

The ID-20LA is an updated version of the older ID-20, offering the same functionality but requiring a lower input voltage. This makes it more energy-efficient and compatible with a wider range of power sources.

The RFID Reader ID-20LA (125 kHz) provides a range of features, including:

  • A power supply requirement of 2.8 - 5V
  • A 125kHz read frequency
  • Compatibility with EM4001 64-bit RFID tags
  • 9600bps TTL and RS232 output
  • Magnetic stripe emulation output
  • A read range of 180mm
  • Compact dimensions of 38x40x7mm

The RFID Reader ID-20LA (125 kHz) can be used in various applications, such as access control, pet identification, and inventory tracking. With its easy setup and use, it's a great tool for both beginners and professionals in the field of RFID technology.

With its small size and low power requirements, this RFID reader can be easily integrated into various systems and devices. The 9600bps TTL and RS232 output, along with the magnetic stripe emulation output, ensure that it can deliver reliable and high-quality performance in various settings.

For more detailed information about the RFID Reader ID-20LA (125 kHz), you can refer to the datasheet and the hookup guide provided by Sparkfun. These resources provide comprehensive guidelines and technical details about the product.


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Brand Sparkfun
More infoSparkFun RFID Starter Kit Hookup Guide - SparkFun Learn
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Width60 mm
Height18 mm
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