Mux Shield II

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Mux Shield II

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The Mux Shield II from Mayhew Labs is the solution for those moments when you have an abundance of inputs, outputs, or both. This upgraded version of the original Mux Shield allows you to connect up to 48 analog and digital inputs or digital outputs to your Arduino board.

The Mux Shield II boasts an improved design, featuring all I/O pins at the end of the board. This allows for the addition of a large connector and the attachment of a ribbon wire or similar cable solution. The pins are organized into three rows of sixteen, each of which can be individually set as a digital input, a digital output, or an analog input from the Arduino sketch. This design also allows the Mux Shield to be placed in the middle of a stack with a shield on top, and still provides easy access to the I/O pins.

For even greater flexibility, Mayhew Labs has added solder jumpers to the bottom of the board. These allow you to disable the software control feature and "hard wire" the functionality of each row. This frees up the associated Arduino pins for use with other shields in the stack.

The Mux Shield II utilizes TI 74HC4067 analog multiplexers (mux’s) for input functionality and TI 74HC595 shift registers for output functionality. The included Arduino library simplifies the process, making it user-friendly even for those unfamiliar with these terms.

Please note that the shield comes without any headers, so remember to purchase some stackable shield headers.

This product replaces: DEV-09832

Key features include:

  • The ability to control up to 48 Pins from your Arduino
  • Multiple modes:
    • Analog Input
    • Digital Input
    • Digital Output
  • Solder Jumpers for Hard-Wired Mode Select
  • Availability of Arduino Library and Example Code

For additional information and assistance, consult the following documents:

  • User Guide
  • Schematic
  • Datasheet (74HC4067)
  • Datasheet (74HC595)
  • Arduino Library


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