LiPower - Boost Converter

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LiPower - Boost Converter

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The LiPower Boost Converter board is a versatile piece of equipment based on the TPS61200 boost converter. It is specifically designed for use with a LiPo battery, and offers selectable 5V and 3.3V output with a solder jumper. The board also provides an under-voltage protection of 2.6V. However, it's not limited to just LiPo batteries, it can also function as a general-purpose buck and boost regulator with an input voltage as low as 0.3V. Its low input voltage and quiescent current make it suitable for energy harvesting applications that require low input voltages.

It's important to note that the LiPower board does not include reverse polarity protection. Therefore, it's crucial to use the appropriate LiPo batteries or ensure correct polarity if using an alternative input source. This product is the result of a collaboration with Oleg of Circuits@Home, with a portion of each sale contributing to product support and continued development.

The LiPower Boost Converter board offers a range of features including an input voltage of 0.3-5.5V, output voltage of 3.3 or 5V, a maximum of 600mA at 5V, and a maximum of 200mA at 3.3V. It also has an undervoltage lockout at 2.6V, a LiPo JST connector or 2-pin header power input, a 4.7uH, 1.2A Sumida CDRH2D18 inductor, and over-temperature protection.

This board is perfect for projects that require a compact, efficient, and flexible power source. Whether you're working on a portable device, a power backup system, or an energy harvesting project, the LiPower Boost Converter board provides a reliable and efficient power solution.

For more detailed information about the LiPower board, you can refer to the schematic, Eagle Files, datasheet (TPS61200), UVLO Modification guide, and GitHub repository listed in the documents section of the Sparkfun website.


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Brand Sparkfun
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Length15 mm
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Height8 mm
Weight4 g
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