Kitronik 3.5mm Jack - Deluxe Stereo Amplifier, Pre-built

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Kitronik 3.5mm Jack - Deluxe Stereo Amplifier, Pre-built
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The pre-built version of the amplifier kit allows you to focus more on product design. The stereo amplifier kit is supplied with all the resistors, volume control, capacitors, power switch & IC holder fitted. Students just need to finish it by connecting the jack lead, speakers & power clip to the board.

This deluxe amplifier kit can be used with any personal stereo equipment, including MP3 players. The kit has a volume control & power LED. It can be powered by a batteries connected to the PP3 clip or a DC power module can be plugged in when the batteries automatically disconnect and the power supply is used. The kit can be powered off a 2V to 15V supply, though the volume is better with a higher supply. It uses a TDA2822M audio amplifier IC which can output 1W per channel.

PCB dimensions: 62mm x 50mm.
It has a PP3 battery clip and can run off any voltage from 2 to 15 volts.
It works nicely off a 9V battery (not supplied) or if you want to run it of the mains why not try our 12V wall power unit.

Output power at 9V is 1W per speaker. See the datasheet for more details.

This product is designed and manufactured in the UK by Kitronik.

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