GNSS Antenna Splitter (Power Divider) with DC Pass

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GNSS Antenna Splitter (Power Divider) with DC Pass

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Sparkfun's GNSS Antenna Splitter (Power Divider) with DC Pass is a versatile tool that allows a single GNSS antenna to connect to two boards or modules. This splitter evenly divides the antenna signal from Port S between Port 1 and Port 2. It is a particularly compatible accessory for Sparkfun's NEO-D9S correction data receiver, enabling both the NEO-D9S and an additional GNSS module to be fed from a single antenna.

The Sparkfun GNSS Splitter is built on the BP2G1+ 2-way 50Ω DC Pass Power Splitter from Mini-Circuits, covering L-band frequencies from 1200 to 2000 MHz. The three ports are fitted with durable standard-polarity SMA sockets. An SMA Male-Male adapter is available as an accessory if there's a need to transform any or all sockets into plugs.

By default, the splitter passes DC power from Port 1 to the antenna (Port S) to power your active antenna. However, it is easily adjustable if necessary. By opening Jumper 1 and closing Jumper 2, you can provide DC power from Port 2 instead. With Jumper 1 open, you can also provide DC power from either the on-board Qwiic connector or via the VCC and GND breakout pads. If you open Jumper 1 and disconnect both Qwiic and VCC, you can use the board as a passive 50:50 signal divider or combiner.

If your antenna requires 3.3V, the Qwiic could be a suitable choice. The VCC and GND breakout pads will enable you to feed in a higher voltage (e.g. 5V) if required. A 10Ω current-limiting resistor is included for the Qwiic and VCC power connections, to prevent damage if the antenna cable becomes shorted. If your antenna needs more than approximately 30mA, you can close the Ilim jumper to bypass the resistor.

Sparkfun's GNSS Antenna Splitter (Power Divider) with DC Pass is a SparkX product, rapidly produced to bring you the most cutting-edge technology as it becomes available. These products are tested but come with no guarantees. Live technical support is not available for SparkX products.

Key features of the product include the BP2G1+ 2-way 50Ω DC Pass Power Splitter, a frequency range of 1200 to 2000 MHz, three standard-polarity SMA sockets for the antenna (Port S), Port 1 and Port 2, and multiple power options. There are two mounting holes for 4/40 UNC or 3mm screws.

For further details, you can refer to the GitHub Repo, Schematic, Eagle files, BP2G1+ datasheet, and Dimensions provided by Sparkfun.


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Brand Sparkfun
More infoGitHub - sparkfunX/GNSS_Splitter: A GNSS splitter (power divider) which can be used to connect two GNSS modules to a single antenna
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Length75 mm
Width100 mm
Height9 mm
Weight20 g
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