BlinkM - I2C Controlled RGB LED

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BlinkM - I2C Controlled RGB LED

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The BlinkM - I2C Controlled RGB LED is a groundbreaking product from Sparkfun. This "Smart LED" is networkable, programmable and perfect for hobbyists, industrial designers, prototypers, and experimenters. It's designed for the seamless addition of dynamic indicators, displays, and lighting to any project. With its high-quality, high-power RGB LED and a compact AVR microcontroller, you can digitally control an RGB LED over a straightforward I2C interface. What's more, you can connect multiple BlinkMs on an I2C bus for impressive light displays.

The BlinkM isn't just controllable; it's also programmable. With ThingM's sequencer software, you can create a blend of colors with various time slices, upload that sequence to the BlinkM, and watch the magic happen.

The BlinkM packs a punch with its features. It has an 8000mcd 140º full-color RGB LED with 24-bit color control. You can specify colors by 24-bit RGB or HSB and fade between colors with variable timing and fade speeds. It also allows for randomized color selection, with ranges and based on the previous color. The BlinkM comes with 18 built-in light scripts and allows you to create and save light scripts of up to 49 commands long.

The BlinkM is designed for stand-alone operation, meaning no microcontroller is needed for light script playback. It can plug directly into an Arduino, without any need for additional wiring or components. It uses a two-wire (aka “I2C”) interface, and you can connect up to 127 BlinkMs on a single two-wire network. It responds to “general call” broadcast for simultaneous commanding and comes with a reconfigurable network address. The firmware is upgradable, and it has 5-volt standard TTL inputs. Plus, it boasts of low power consumption.

The BlinkM is a versatile tool that can bring your project to life. Whether you're creating an interactive art installation, designing a new product, or simply experimenting with lights and colors, the BlinkM offers a unique and engaging way to incorporate dynamic lighting effects. With its programmability and networking capability, the possibilities are endless.

The BlinkM is not just a product; it's a tool for creativity and innovation. Its unique properties and features make it a valuable asset for anyone working on projects that require dynamic, programmable lighting. The BlinkM is more than just an LED; it's a tool that opens up a world of possibilities in lighting design and control.

Sparkfun's BlinkM - I2C Controlled RGB LED is an innovative product that offers a unique and engaging way to incorporate dynamic lighting into any project. With its programmability, networking capability, and variety of features, the BlinkM is a versatile tool for hobbyists, industrial designers, prototypers, and experimenters.


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Brand Sparkfun
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Height17 mm
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