150:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx57L mm 12V (Helical Pinion)

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150:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx57L mm 12V (Helical Pinion)


Get ready to supercharge your projects with Pololu's 12V Brushed DC Gearmotor. This highly efficient machine is engineered with a robust 150:1 metal gearbox, fine-tuned for its optimal performance at 12 volts. Inside the gearbox, you'll find it predominantly constructed with spur gears, but there's a twist in the first stage - helical gears. These spiral-shaped gears reduce noise and enhance the overall working efficiency of the gearmotor.

One of the standout features of this gearmotor is its sturdy D-shaped output shaft. Measuring a solid 16mm in length and 6mm in diameter, it's built to ensure a secure fit for your mechanical components. Moreover, Pololu offers an upgraded variant of this gearmotor equipped with an integrated encoder for those seeking more precise control over their creations.

Delving deeper into its specifications, the gearmotor presents a compact form factor with its dimensions being 37D x 57L mm and weighs in at 195 grams. When it comes to performance, it exhibits a no-load speed of 67 rpm and a no-load current of 0.2 A at 12V. If pushed to its limits, the gearmotor can handle a stall current of 5.5 A and deliver a stall torque of 49 kg-cm.

But it doesn't stop there; the gearmotor is also capable of performing at 6V. Under these conditions, it offers a no-load speed of 33 rpm, a no-load current of 0.15 A, a stall current of 3.0 A, and a stall torque of 30 kg-cm. The motor type for this model is specifically designed for 12V applications.

The gearmotor prides itself on its efficiency, reaching up to 44% at 12V. It achieves its maximum efficiency at a speed of 58 rpm, producing a torque of 6.5 kg-cm and consuming a current of 0.72 A, which results in an output power of 3.8 W.

Pololu's 12V Brushed DC Gearmotor is a trustworthy choice for a variety of projects, ensuring not only effectiveness and quiet operation but also superior energy efficiency. Trust Pololu to power your creations with precision and reliability.


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