Sonoff zigbee

Sonoff Zigbee devices are smart devices connecting over the standarized Zigbee protocol
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The 3 most popular Sonoff zigbee

What is Sonoff?

Sonoff is a series of smart home control products developed by ITEAD Studio. This allows you to control your household appliances, such as lamps and water heaters, remotely via your mobile phone. The Sonoff products are connected to your Wi-Fi network and can be controlled via an app or voice command. The app allows users to easily set timers and schedules to automate your home appliances. In addition, using an RF bridge with Sonoff, users can control devices that do not have an IP address or Wi-Fi connection. This makes Sonoff a great choice for those looking for an efficient way to manage their smart home setup. In addition, the products are easy to install and use, making them ideal for users of all experience levels. Sonoff products come with a 1 year warranty. With its extensive range of smart home control solutions, Sonoff is the perfect choice if you want to take your home control setup to the next level.

Together with Sonoff, we are committed to making home automation easier for everyone. With our simple yet powerful Sonoff products and Openciruit's services, you can rest assured that your smart home setup is always secure and up-to-date. Our products come with a 1 year warranty and our customer service is available daily for questions or problems.

Can I control my Sonoff devices remotely?

You can control your Sonoff devices remotely if they are connected to a WiFi network and have the eWeLink app installed on your mobile device. The app allows you to turn the devices on and off, set schedules, and monitor usage from anywhere with an internet connection.

Sonoff products protect against external cyber threats

All Sonoff products are highly secure and protect users from external cyber threats and unauthorized access. The products have a unique authentication system that prevents anyone other than the user from operating the devices. In addition, all data transfers are encrypted using advanced encryption standards, ensuring maximum security and privacy for users. With its high-quality security measures, Sonoff is the reliable choice for secure home automation.

Sonoff always strives to provide you with the best possible products and services. Opencircuit believes that smart home automation should be easy and accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget or level of experience. With this in mind, all Sonoff products are designed with convenience, safety and affordability in mind. At Sonoff, they are committed to constantly innovating and improving our products so you can enjoy an easy, safe and affordable home automation experience.

The latest features with Sonoff

With Sonoff you can be sure that your smart home setup is always secure and up-to-date. Sonoff's products are constantly updated with the latest features, so you always have access to the best home automation technology. So if you're looking for a reliable and secure way to manage your smart home setup, look no further than Sonoff. Whether it concerns controlling lighting or managing boilers, this couldn't be easier with Sonoff. With the extensive range of Sonoff products and the services of Opencircuit , you can be sure that your smart home setup is always up-to-date and secure. So why not make Sonoff your go-to for all your home automation needs? Let's make the world smarter together!

Can I provide the Sonoff products with my own software?

Sonoffs are very easy to provide with alternative or own firmware because they are based on the known ones ESP8266 and ESP32 micro/Wifi controllers.

Tasmotastarted as a simple way to hack into the Sonoff Basic (one of the first cheap and accessible smart home devices on the market) has grown into a full-fledged ecosystem for virtually any ESP8266 based device.

ESPEasy is a free and open source MCU firmware for the internet-of-things (IOT) originally developed by the community. The firmware can be used to turn the ESP module into a simple multifunctional sensor device for home automation solutions such as Domoticz.

ESPurna is a custom firmware for ESP8285/ESP8266 based smart switches, lights and sensors. It uses the Arduino Core with the ESP8266 framework and some third-party libraries.

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